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vol. 3, no. 9, October 16-31, 2010

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You will find below the link to l'Humanité in English, a selection of articles from the daily communist paper published in Paris (France).

In 1850, Frederick Engels, the close friend to Karl Marx wrote: “Modern large-scale industry can only exist provided it expands incessantly, continually conquers new markets”. (K. Marx/F. Engels, Collected Works, vol. 10, International Publishers, New York, 1978, p. 295). In our today's world, we face financial corporations, such as the Canadian banks (BMO, TD, etc.) who cannot satisfy their quench for profits. In their case, sky is the limit. Any people opposed to their ever-lasting domination of new territories and populations become an enemy;
recently mass media criticized the Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez for that purpose. Of course, Cuba remains a target. To avoid opponents at home, they urge Stephen Harper to repel democratic rights, especially those claimed by the young generation; we saw it in Toronto at the G-20 meeting, last summer, when the police brutalized and arrested over 900 youngsters. For some, it was their first contact with political "freedoms" in Canada.

At the outcome of these demonstrations, taking into account the agenda of the Conservative party of Canada, La Vie Réelle in English called upon the democrats, especially the working people to support a centrist government to promote what we already knew about Canada at a better time, when the working class was stronger, better organized, led by progressive and communists. We don’t live anymore in this “lost” paradise. The dire reality is that Stephen Harper wants to transform the “cool guy attitude” of Canada into a reactionary one, maybe with the fist of a police state; basically, the dream of a state where tycoons of all sorts, -big industrialists and large corporations- would be free to do what they want into a Canada, further divided by the national question.
(Photo PCF/Bagneux: Demonstration in Paris, against the reforms of the French government against the pension plan. The police did not intervene against the young protesters, Fall 2010).

This is nowadays easier for the Right to aggress the youth since the Communist party of Canada is still recovering from inner disputes, factions’ fights and reformism. At an earlier period, the Party could have reckon on international solidarity; what the communists call “proletarian internationalism”, especially based on the support of socialists countries. The biggest rampart was then the Soviet Union, cherished by most of the conscious workers the world over.
Soviet Union

In 2007, on behalf of the Communist party of Ireland, Herman Glaser-Baur, told that after the October Revolution in Russia, in 1917, “this new situation led to conditions under which the working class in the capitalist countries was able to successfully fight for rights previously unknown. All aspects of the ‘social system’ of today such as a national health system, public education, a fixed retirement age, culture for the working class, etc. were first realised in the socialist state and the capitalists and their governments had to make concessions to the struggle of the working class.”
He made the point that “many Communist parties were founded and the 3rd International established (1919). “The Communist party of Canada was founded in 1921 in Guelph, in the vicinity of Toronto (Ontario).

Let's recall also that during WW2, the Red Army defeated the Werhmacht at Stalingrad. As said the German communist leader, Ernst Thälmann: “Stalin is going to break Hitler’s neck”.
To be honest, La Vie Réelle in English does not pretend to defend political crimes, but on the other hand, it is correct and needed that History assesses some facts, concrete facts, like the contribution of Joseph Stalin in the victory over Nazism in 1945 and the rapid economical development of Soviet Union, the growth of the purchasing power of the citizens and the real amelioration of their well-being.
(Photo Internet: Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin)

Who could say, everywhere in the world, that under powerful pressures such as the ones imposed upon the Soviet government, practically always in a state of exception and emergency, - since its inception-, no errors and unfortunately... crimes would not be made. Actually, the data of the Western scientists on this period are wrong according to the National Archives of Soviet Union opened now for all to see. In spite the continuous flow of propaganda against Stalin since the 1930s, practically only bourgeois and petty-bourgeois are scared by his leadership and determination. On the other hand, it was reported in 2008, that 300 000 homeless people were “living” in Poland, while the Czechs had to struggle against US military bases to be installed on their territory. This year the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People marked the 93rd Anniversary of Great October Revolution. At that time, 177 million people were living in Soviet Union and this number reached 360 millions in the 1980s; the official and open counter-revolution occurred by those years.
Today, new organizations are born to promote understanding between peoples, notably between Canada, USA and USSR, gathered in a Friendship Society. The Chairman, Michael Lucas explained: “We function as an united front organization to help unify, consolidate and coordinate the anti-imperialist forces of the world with the ongoing world movement to restore the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Our aim is international cooperation in building socialism and solidarity with all anti-imperialist forces struggling against imperialism, headed by U.S. imperialism.”

In Fall 2011, an international conference will take place in Beograd (Serbia) to reassess the situation in the former Soviet Union by participants from all around the world, including Canada. As the French say goes: "tant qu'il y a de la vie, il y a de l'espoir..."

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